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We Help Global Cannabis Producers Targeting European Market

We provide data-driven cannabis product verification through seed-to-sale applications built for each role of the supply chain.

We empower cannabis enterprises targeting European market  to navigate better through complexities of the controlled substances trading, reduce operational risks, optimise production processes, maintain and prove product quality while boosting their international access and sales potential.





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Importers & Distributors



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We don’t just check boxes; we provide data-driven verification for every produced batch, ensuring your products are reliable, of the highest quality and sell better!

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Track Seed to Sale in One Place

Tailored to meet European pharmaceutical and quality standards (EU-GxP), TRUSTT tracing modules offer advanced functionalities to enhance efficiency, security, and compliance throughout the entire medical cannabis production process.

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E-commerce Tools

E-commerce Tools & International Trading

TRUSTT clients benefit from using e-commerce and trading tools opening them to the European market by verifying product EU compliance and using pre-auditing tools.

Production Boost and Staff Empowering

Our Mobile companion and Web applications are built by growers for growers and loved by QA teams to boost production efficiency, manage crops better and empower your staff with first-in-class digital tools. Bird’s eye view on all production processes within a facility, including

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EU Pharma Grade Cannabis Compliance


Built-in accordance with EU-GMP and associated Annex 11 Computerised Systems expectations and consistent with the unique lifecycle demands of pharmaceutical grade crop cultivation.TRUSTTsolutions allow to go completely paperless making EU quality standards management easier to follow. Provides one-click audits and pre-audits checks, detection of potential compliance issues and actionable insights into EU countries’ jurisdictions’ regulatory requirements.

Patient engagement & Feedback through Smart Labels

Real-time, always on, consumer/patient engagement and quality verification, allows to access records gathered during product life cycle and generate post-purchase and efficacy intelligence

Mike Sikorski
Co-Founder & CEO
We believe that creating a proof-based cannabis platform that tracks and verifies quality, compliance and source through Blockchain and AI technologies will create a positive impact on the industry benefiting all stakeholders, businesses and patients alike.
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Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software

The Role of Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software in streamlining Compliance with GACP and EU-GMP Standards

In the cannabis industry, adherence to strict regulations, particularly GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and EU-GMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, is crucial. To assist businesses in achieving compliance and operational efficiency, seed-to-sale software has emerged as a vital technological solution. This article explores the benefits of seed-to-sale software in the context of EU quality standards and highlights how custom software solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of cannabis enterprises.

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