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Master the art of inventory management in the cannabis industry with TRUSTT's advanced Inventory Management platform. From raw materials to finished goods, propagation materials, and beyond, our system ensures every asset within your facility is meticulously tracked, managed, and accessible. Experience unparalleled control and oversight, transforming how you manage everything in your facility.

Batch and Lot Management:

Absolute Transparency

Gain absolute control over your inventory with our detailed Batch and Lot Management feature.

Comprehensive Inventory Tracking:

All-encompassing tracking system from raw materials to finished goods, including propagation materials.

Mixture and Nutrient Management:

Precisely manage mixtures and nutrients, ensuring accuracy and quality in your cultivation process.

Equipment and Utilities Oversight:

Keep track of all equipment and utilities, enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization.

From Raw Materials to Finished Goods:

Our platform provides an end-to-end solution for tracking products, from raw materials through to the final market-ready goods. This comprehensive approach ensures the integrity and quality of your products at every lifecycle stage.

Batch and Lot Management:

Our platform offers meticulous batch and lot management capabilities, ensuring detailed tracking and management of every product unit. This feature is crucial for maintaining product consistency, quality control, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Mixture and Nutrient Management:

Efficiently manage your mixtures and nutrients with our specialized tracking system. Our platform ensures precise management of all ingredients, contributing to the optimal growth of your plants and the accuracy of your inventory levels.

Equipment and Utilities Oversight:

Gain complete oversight of your facility’s equipment and utilities. Our inventory management system tracks usage, maintenance, and availability, ensuring your facility operates at maximum efficiency and resources are utilized optimally.

Propagation Material Management:

Monitor and manage your propagation materials effectively. Our system allows for meticulous tracking and documentation, ensuring your plants have the necessary resources for healthy growth and development.

Real-Time Inventory Accessibility:

Stay ahead with real-time insights into your inventory. Our platform provides instant access to stock levels, resource allocation, and product movement, enabling you to make swift, data-driven decisions.

Operations Director
Premium Cultivation Facility
The level of detail and control TRUSTT’s Inventory Management system offers is unmatched. It has revolutionized how we manage our entire inventory, from nutrients to equipment.
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