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Plant Health and Integrated Pest Management

In the realm of cannabis cultivation, the health and well-being of your plants are of utmost importance. TRUSTT’s Plant Health & IPM Management platform expertly combines in-depth health checks, an integrated pest management (IPM) system, and an intuitive observations feature, ensuring your plants are not only thriving but also protected from pests, promoting sustainable and productive growth.

Comprehensive Health Checks:

Absolute Transparency

Regular, detailed assessments to ensure plants are growing in optimal conditions, with early detection and resolution of issues.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System:

Strategic, sustainable pest control, minimizing chemical use and focusing on long-term environmental health.

Observations Feature:

Empowers your team to record and track detailed observations, enhancing your understanding and response to plant health issues.

Real-Time Health Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring and immediate insights, enabling timely interventions to maintain optimal plant health.

Comprehensive Health Checks:

Utilize our system for consistent and thorough health assessments, essential for verifying that your plants are in ideal growth conditions. Early identification and management of potential issues safeguard plant health and maximize yield.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System:

Embrace our IPM system for effective pest management, focusing on preventative measures and eco-friendly practices. This approach ensures a sustainable cultivation environment with minimal reliance on chemical interventions.

Comprehensive Coverage of Production Phases:

From mothers creation, cloning and propagation, through observation, IPM, observations, nutrient management, waste to flowering, harvest, drying, curing, and packaging – our application covers every phase in detail, ensuring no aspect is overlooked.

Observations Feature:

Leverage our observations feature for detailed, on-the-ground insights. This tool enables your team to record specific plant health observations, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of your crop’s condition and facilitating informed decision-making.

Real-Time Health Monitoring:

Stay ahead with our platform’s real-time monitoring capabilities, providing immediate updates on plant health. This continual vigilance ensures swift identification of issues, allowing for quick and effective responses to maintain plant well-being.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Harness the power of data for informed decision-making. Our platform collects and analyzes health and IPM data, providing valuable insights that guide your cultivation strategies, optimize plant care, and enhance overall yield quality.

Head Grower
Eco-Friendly Cannabis Cultivation Facility
The integration of TRUSTT's Plant Health & IPM Management system into our cultivation processes has been transformative. The regular health checks, combined with the invaluable observations feature, have significantly improved the health and productivity of our plants.
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