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In the intricate world of cannabis cultivation and distribution, precision and security in tracking are crucial. TRUSTT’s QR & RFID Page offers state-of-the-art solutions to ensure true plant, batch, and lot level traceability. Our advanced QR and RFID technologies provide unparalleled accuracy and security, offering complete transparency throughout your product’s journey from seed to sale.

Advanced QR Code Tracking:

Utilize cutting-edge QR technology for detailed tracking of each plant, batch, and lot, ensuring every step in the cultivation and distribution process is recorded and accessible.

RFID Technology for Enhanced Security:

Implement RFID solutions for secure, real-time tracking, providing an extra layer of security and efficiency in monitoring your cannabis products.

Seamless Integration:

Our QR and RFID technologies seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, offering a streamlined approach to inventory management and traceability.

Comprehensive Traceability:

Achieve comprehensive traceability, ensuring that every product’s journey is transparent, verifiable, and compliant with regulatory standards.

Advanced QR Code Tracking:

Harness the power of QR codes for detailed and efficient tracking. Each plant, batch, and lot is assigned a unique QR code, enabling you to track its journey with precision. This technology simplifies inventory management and enhances the transparency of your products.

RFID Technology for Enhanced Security:

Elevate your tracking system with RFID technology. These tags provide real-time, secure tracking of your cannabis products, offering a highly efficient way to monitor inventory, reduce errors, and enhance product security throughout the supply chain.

Seamless Integration:

Our QR and RFID technologies are designed to integrate effortlessly with your current systems. This integration streamlines your tracking processes, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy in inventory management and compliance reporting.

Comprehensive Traceability:

Achieve end-to-end visibility of your products with our comprehensive traceability solutions. This feature is essential for meeting regulatory requirements, enhancing product recall capabilities, and building consumer trust through transparent product histories.

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Leading Cannabis Producer
Implementing TRUSTT’s QR & RFID tracking system has revolutionized how we manage our inventory and comply with regulations. The level of detail and security it provides has given us a competitive edge in the market.
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