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QA - Compliance

In the realm of medical cannabis, where compliance is as vital as cultivation, TRUSTT's QA - Compliance platform emerges as your strategic ally. We offer an integrated suite of tools designed to elevate your operation to meet rigorous GACP and EU-GMP standards, ensuring that your product quality and safety are beyond reproach.

Our system will ensure your process will be performed in a GACP and EU-GMP compliant way while also guaranteeing the correct gathering of all information in a traceable and unambiguous way. TRUSTT Modules are also Annex 11 Compliant and built as a Validation Ready Solution, making us EU-GMP compliant digitalisation and paper trail replacement.

By following our app you are without a doubt one step closer to achieving GACP/EU-GMP certification for your facility and ensure easier compliance after certification is awarded.

True Plant, Batch, and Lot Level Traceability

Absolute Transparency:

Every plant, every batch, and every lot is meticulously tracked with QR & RFID from seed to sale to ensure total compliance and consumer safety.

EU-GxP Compliance (GACP, EU-GMP)

European Standards Met:

Our platform guarantees your operation adheres to the stringent European GACP and EU-GMP standards, setting a new benchmark in product excellence.

Deviation Reporting & Management

Vigilant Oversight:

Instantly report and manage any deviations or malfunctions, a fundamental requirement for maintaining EU-GMP compliance.

Data Security & Record Archiving

Protected Integrity:

With robust data security and systematic record archiving, your sensitive information is safeguarded at every stage.

Streamlined Reporting:

Our platform simplifies your reporting needs with comprehensive tools designed to generate precise, real-time reports. From audit trails to quality metrics, TRUSTT’s reporting capabilities provide the insights necessary to make informed decisions and maintain the highest standards of compliance and quality.

Quick & Secure Sign Offs:

Speed without compromise. Our platform’s Quick & Secure Sign Offs streamline the approval process, ensuring that every compliance checkpoint is verified with precision, enhancing operational flow and accountability.

Observations & Health Check Documentation ​

Diligence in monitoring is key to superior cultivation. Document every detail with our Observations & Health Check tools, empowering you to maintain the zenith of plant health and meet GACP’s meticulous standards.

Observations & Health Check Documentation:

Diligence in monitoring is key to superior cultivation. Document every detail with our Observations & Health Check tools, empowering you to maintain the zenith of plant health and meet GACP’s meticulous standards.

Supplier & Client Validations:

Trust but verify. Strengthen your supply chain with TRUSTT’s comprehensive Supplier & Client Validations, ensuring that every partner meets your high standards of quality and compliance.

Risk & Incident Management:

Stay ahead of uncertainty. Our Risk & Incident Management features proactively identify and address potential issues, minimising their impact and maintaining uninterrupted compliance.

Deviation Management:

When deviations arise, our management tools offer a clear path to rectification. Document, analyse, and resolve deviations to uphold your commitment to EU-GMP standards.

Annex 11 Compliance:

Delivered as a validation-ready computerised system engineered for unwavering Annex 11 compliance. Our platform ensures your digital records and system processes are aligned with EU requirements, providing a secure foundation for your pharmaceutical-grade operations.

Facility Manager
Leading Cannabis Processing Facility
TRUSTT transformed the way we approach quality assurance. With their platform, we've not only streamlined our compliance procedures but also gained unprecedented visibility into our operation. It's a game-changer for our business.
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