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Embark on a cultivation journey where precision meets productivity. TRUSTT's Cultivation platform offers an ecosystem of advanced tools that not only monitor but enhance every aspect of your cannabis cultivation. Experience the synergy of technology and horticulture, fostering an environment where plants flourish and businesses grow.

Environmental Mastery:

Absolute Transparency

Command every environmental variable with our sophisticated Monitoring & Alerts system, ensuring your cannabis thrives in the ideal conditions.

Genetic Consistency:

Maintain the essence of your strains with Mother Plant Management, a testament to our dedication to genetic stability and traceability.

Staff and Workflow Optimization:

Streamline your cultivation operations with efficient task assignment and workflow management tools, enhancing productivity and team coordination.

Spatial Intelligence:

Utilise Space/Locations Optimization to ensure every inch of your grow space is maximised for efficiency and yield.

Environmental Monitoring & Sensor Integrations:

Harness the power of real-time environmental control through sensors control. Track temperature, humidity, CO2, Ph, EC and stay  ahead of the curve, adjusting parameters to maintain the perfect balance for optimal plant growth.

Quick & Secure Sign-Offs

Speed without compromise. Our platform’s Quick & Secure Sign Offs streamline the approval process, ensuring that every compliance checkpoint is verified with precision, enhancing operational flow and accountability.

Observations & Health Check Documentation ​

Diligence in monitoring is key to superior cultivation. Document every detail with our Observations & Health Check tools, empowering you to maintain the zenith of plant health and meet GACP’s meticulous standards.

Detailed Batch Information/Cultivation Overview:

Navigate through each cultivation cycle with our Detailed Batch Information feature. Gain insights into your cultivation operations, ensuring every stage from germination to harvest meets impeccable standards.

Health Checks, IPM, and Observations:

Protect your crop’s health with our comprehensive Health Checks and IPM protocols. Regular assessments coupled with precise observations mean your plants are safeguarded against pests and diseases, ensuring vigorous growth.

Mother Plant Management:

Champion genetic excellence with our specialised Mother Plant Management tools. Guarantee the consistency and quality of your genetic lines, preserving the traits that set your brand apart.

Staff and Workflow Optimization:

Empower your cultivation team with our advanced staff and workflow management tools. Optimised task allocation and streamlined workflows lead to increased efficiency and a harmonious cultivation environment.

Space/Locations Optimization:

Craft your cultivation strategy with our Space/Locations Optimization tools. Efficiently plan your grow area to make the most of your resources, increasing yield potential and reducing waste.

Additives & Pesticide Registrations:

Maintain an immaculate record of your cultivation inputs. Our meticulous logging of Additives & Pesticide Registrations ensures compliance and fosters a culture of transparency and safety.

Head Grower
Acclaimed Cultivation Facility
Implementing TRUSTT's cultivation platform has revolutionised how we manage our grow operations. The environmental controls and staff management tools have been game-changers for our productivity
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