In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain is crucial. European standards for tracing have become increasingly important, ensuring product safety, quality, and regulatory compliance. TRUSTT, a leading cannabis verification and trading platform, is at the forefront of implementing these standards, revolutionizing the way cannabis businesses operate.

Understanding Seed-to-Sale and Track and Trace: Traditionally, the seed-to-sale approach has been widely used in the cannabis industry, allowing businesses to track products from cultivation to the point of sale. However, as European regulations have become more stringent, a shift towards track and trace systems has emerged. Track and trace systems focus on comprehensive product tracing, allowing for greater visibility and control over the entire supply chain.

European Standards for Tracing: European authorities have established stringent standards for tracing cannabis products to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain consumer safety. These standards require robust systems that capture detailed information, including cultivation practices, testing results, transportation records, and retail transactions. TRUSTT has diligently aligned its platform with these European standards to provide a seamless and efficient solution for cannabis businesses.

The TRUSTT Advantage: TRUSTT’s cutting-edge technology empowers cannabis businesses to meet European tracing standards effectively. Through their platform, businesses can accurately capture and record data at every stage of the supply chain, from seed to sale. This data-driven approach ensures compliance, enhances product quality, and mitigates risks. TRUSTT’s integration capabilities with existing systems streamline operations, making the transition to track and trace seamless for businesses across Europe.

Benefits of European Standards and TRUSTT’s Platform: Adopting European standards for tracing brings several benefits to the cannabis industry. Firstly, it enables regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of penalties and legal consequences. Secondly, it safeguards product quality, enhancing consumer trust and confidence. Thirdly, it facilitates efficient recall procedures in case of any safety concerns. TRUSTT’s platform goes beyond meeting these standards by providing additional features such as real-time monitoring, analytics, and secure data sharing, further optimizing supply chain management.


As the cannabis industry continues to mature, adherence to European standards for tracing is paramount. TRUSTT’s dedication to implementing these standards and offering a comprehensive platform tailored to European regulations sets them apart. By embracing these standards and leveraging TRUSTT’s technology, cannabis businesses can thrive in a highly regulated and transparent market, ensuring consumer safety and paving the way for a sustainable future.